Graphite for silicon chips, microcircuits and solar cells

Micro technology and utilizing the solar power date back to 40s of the last century. Since then, their importance and significance for mankind has been on increase year by year.

The key to quality and effectiveness of current semiconductor systems lies also in high purity of environment and utilized materials. Therefore, extremely pure silicon is being utilized for manufacture of semiconductor components.

Nowadays, manufacture of silicone mono and poly-crystals for solar power engineering and photovoltaics is one of the most closely watched branches of industry.

Since the manufacture of these semi-finished products requires ultra pure environment, which mainly applies to the materials of direct contact with silicone ingot, graphite materials with purity ≤50ppm are utilized for melting and pulling of mono-crystals.

Alongside with manufacture of the graphite heaters, susceptors and crucibles for melting aimed at manufacture of silicon, TOPGRAFIT also focuses on production of other semiconductor materials, such as germanium, gallium and arsenide.

For semiconductor and solar technology we offer this graphite products:

graphite heating rods, CZ heaters and susceptors

heat exchangers

crucibles and tubs

carrying plates

ingot and sawing boards