Graphite electrodes for EDM machining

For its indisputable advantages, graphite is suitable for electrical discharge machining. In the form of electrodes, it is used for manufacturing of pressing components, mainly for consumer industry.

The strong points of graphite electrodes include relatively low weight, easier machining treatment,
lower wear, high dimension stability, thermal capacity and higher removal rate.

Moreover, there is a possibility to glue graphite with two-second and conductive glues.

Weight of graphite is 5 times lowerr=1,80g/cm3(graphite) vs. r=8,93g/cm3(cooper)
Easier machining property Strengths at processing are 10 times lower in comparison with cast steel
Lower wear 1/3 to 1/10 of the figures for Cu
Low thermal expansionThermal expansivity 4 times lower than at Cu
High thermal loadSublimation point up to 3650°C
higher removal rate1,5 to 3 times higher than utilizing Cu electrodes

For electrical discharge machining we offer:

graphite electrodes for electrical discharge machining

graphite moulds for pressing, injection and casting