Insulations and shields

Regarding the manufacture of heating bodies and graphite components for high temperature facilities, the Topgrafit also offers graphite insulations and facings. As there is a large number of insulation materials for high temperature facilities, purity of the used materials as well as the atmosphere in the facility become the crucial factor when choosing the right type.

Insulations with oxide and non-oxide constituents can resist maximum temperatures of 1600-1800°C in the oxidation environment, whereas the graphite felts, both soft and tempered can resist the temperatures up to 2800°C in the inert atmosphere (argon, nitrogen or vacuum).

Moreover, tempered insulations can also be laminated by graphite or CFC foil and this way resist corrosive reactions or potential leak of fibres to the furnace. Their high level of purity and resistance to thermal exhaust predetermines them for utilizing in manufacture of semi conductor components. To have your facility complete, we can also offer you CFC facings of all possible shapes, profiles and measurements.

Typical characteristics of CFC materials
High thermal resistance (no bending and frangibility)High purity ( <10ppm)
High mechanical carrying capacity and stabilityHigh chemical resistance
High resistance to thermal changes Low density (approx.1,6g/cm3)

We offer these graphite insulations:

heat protectors

graphite insulations (hard or soft felts, laminated with graphite foil or CFC plate)

CFC profiles