Graphite for aluminum production and casting of non-ferrous metals

Due the excellent thermal stability of the graphite, this material and products made of graphite can be fully applied in the process of primary Aluminum and aluminum semi-products production as well as for casting other non-ferrous metals.

Moreover, the application of graphite casting dies, ingot molds and blenders in the production process prevents the contamination of the alloy by metallic parts from the conventionally used appliances made of metal.

A guarantee of the top quality is secured by utilizing the CNC controlled technology in the machining processes and the anti-oxidative impregnation of the graphite material.

Primary AL making

graphite blenders


2 or more parts

AL Casting

gas injection systems - for the purification of melted aluminum, applicable for various types of appliances and systems

AL semiproducts

graphite dies


seal rings

run-out fields

non-ferrous metal casting (Au, Cu, Ms, cast iron)

crystallizers and ingot moulds (single and multi parts, for wires, ribs, rods, pipes, strips, profiles, coned, bend or straight)

crucibles of all sizes and designs (with bottom drain, side outlet or draining throat)

rollers and sheaves